Audio Mastering Studio in South East London


Mastering is the dark art that can turn a demo into something that sounds professional.

With corrective EQ and dynamic enhancement, you can improve the sound of your mix on a variety of different playback systems. Put simply, it makes your track sound more professional and is a must for any release.

The usual mastering effect chain starts with a graphic EQ, followed by multiband compression, stereo width (depending on target market), and a limiter. Sometimes spacial effects such as reverb are required, other times you can artificially enhance frequencies by creating bass and treble harmonics and mixing them in to the original signal. At every stage we check for phase errors across all frequency bands.

Each project is is treated individually, because although some software has good presets and wizards, for the best results you can never beat a good human ear. We use a mixture of analogue and digital technology in our mastering, depending on the project.

Mastering is charged at the same rate as recording time, £20 per hour. If you want to send us your tracks via the internet we can master them for you and send you a preview before you pay.

Rogue Studios has mastered tracks for CD release, digital download, video, vinyl, radio as well as many other applications. Each application may require different treatment so please specify your target market with your enquiry.