Recording Live Rooms & Vocal Booth In South East London

Recording South East London
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Nothing sounds better than when it is in the right size room.

The vocal booth

Our vocal booth is made up of four rooms built inside each other, mounted on strips of rubber. This way you can ensure that the only thing recorded is what you want to be heard.

This room also doubles up as an amp room, so if you want to crank your 100w amp up full to achieve maximum valve saturation, feel free, you'll hardly hear it outside!

The double glazed window allows you to see into the control room, and the adjustable lighting provides the vibe necessary for a good vocal take.

Our live rooms

Our 4 rehearsal rooms double up as live rooms, and all of them sound very different.

Room 1 is the biggest room at Rogue, with a wooden floor and a large warm natural reverb. Great for that rock/grunge/punk/rock and roll roomy drum sound, not so good for funky or pop drums.

Room 2 is the second biggest room at Rogue, also with a wooden floor, but a slightly tighter and brighter natural reverb. Also great for rock/metal/grunge/punk/rock n roll drum sound, but with slightly more definition and clarity. Room 2 is directly under the recording studio and is the favourite of most Rogue staff.

Room 3 is the smallest band rehearsal room at rogue but would easily take 4-5 people playing at once. With carpet on the floor the sound is much dryer. Perfect for funk/pop/rock/metal close drums with a little space around them.

Room 4 is our drum room, large enough for a kit & mics but not much else. It can also be used to mic up guitar amps & bass amps, and has a short bright naural reverb. Perfect for pop/funk/rock/metal close sounding drums and guitars