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All the magic happens in the control room.

Now most recording is digital, the temptation is to process all audio with software and forget our analogue friends. At Rogue, we try to keep a balance between digital and analogue, remembering that most of our favourite recordings were created with great sounding valve amps and analogue equipment.

We use a Soundtracs Megas 32:24:2 desk, and with individually wired channel strips you can hear the warmth being added before it goes to the computer. All connections to the desk are balanced to keep signal quality at all times.

We record via Nuendo AD DA Converters and a Focusrite AD DA Converter at 24bit to a PC or Mac running Pro Tools, Logic or Cubase. Our system can handle up to 128 tracks, with as many software instruments, reverbs & compressors as is realistically needed.

We have an extensive range of outboard equipment by Drawmer, Focusrite, dB, Symetrix, Alesis & Behringer as well as various software effects. We also have a PODxt Pro and a Boss GT6 as well as many heads & cabs for any guitar and bass sounds required.

Check our backline list as any of this can be used in the recording studio. Don't worry if your equipment isn't up to the job, just use ours! We have amps, drum kits, cymbals, instruments and synths that are free of charge to use during recording sessions.

Monitoring through Alesis Monitor One's and Two's as well as various other Hi Fi systems allows us to mix and master your project to the highest possible level.

Our acoustically treated drum room and vocal booth, and all of our rehearsal rooms double up as live rooms, and are connected to the control room. Different rooms are suited to different projects, so always call and we'll advise what is best for your sound.